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About Us
Our Strategy
Our Strategy

At EDF Ventures, we've developed a unique investment approach that allows us to excel. This approach is based on three key principles:

Focus: Each EDF partner has a specific domain focus that he or she concentrates on. This way, partners can go deep, continually expanding their knowledge. In fact, we believe that it is precisely our partners' diversity of expertise that makes our partnership work so well.

Networks: EDF partners cultivate targeted networks in their respective domains and leverage those networks to benefit existing investments and to identify new ones. These extensive networks enable partners to see most, if not all, of the relevant deals at the earliest stages.

EDF partners invest earlier on and stay more actively involved than most investors.
Early-In: Often, our partners work with individuals who are incubating healthcare concepts within leading academic or research centers. Sometimes this "early-in" strategy even means pinpointing an emerging technology trend, and then looking to our network to uncover a promising inventor to partner with to quickly capitalize on that trend.

Most importantly, EDF partners offer the power of a team—a team that shares knowledge, relationships and talents for the benefit of the portfolio. We uphold a fierce commitment to the EDF partnership itself, maintaining a highly collaborative, team-oriented culture. Collectively, we aspire to be our entrepreneurs' most valuable and active investment partner, and we believe this approach is the best way for us to achieve that goal.

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