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About Us
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About Us

EDF Ventures is a leading venture capital firm investing in early-stage healthcare companies.

We focus on young companies that are developing breakthrough technologies to address large, well recognized problems or transform existing markets. We understand that the individuals pioneering these kinds of solutions require far more than just capital. They need venture investors who are committed for the long haul—true partners who can help entrepreneurs and founders transform their vision into strong, profitable companies. For us, there's nothing more rewarding than partnering with these exceptional people to bring important new technologies to market.

Early-Stage Investors
Early-stage investment is not for the faint of heart. Many investors prefer to get involved only after many of the fundamental building blocks are in place. Not us. At EDF, we look for early-stage opportunities where we can have a meaningful impact right from the start. We're passionate about working side by side with entrepreneurs to build great companies. We believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing whatever it takes to ensure success.
Focus on Untapped Markets
There is no shortage of venture firms ready to serve start-ups in the entrepreneurial hubs of the Bay Area and Boston. While we don't rule out strategic opportunities in these areas, we concentrate on markets that are somewhat untapped. In these areas, advancements in healthcare abound, but there are few seasoned, knowledgeable venture partners to help realize the full potential of these opportunities.
Wealth of Experience
EDF partners bring a wealth of direct experience that is essential to guiding young companies through their start-up and high growth phases to become mature, profitable companies.
There's no substitute for experience. This includes operating experience and experience in our chosen fields of expertise. All told, we've worked with more than 50 companies over the years, and we've been behind multiple IPO's and upside acquisitions.
In Good Company
EDF has cultivated a deep and productive network. We put this network to work for our portfolio companies—from helping to build management teams and forge strategic partnerships to providing industry and functional expertise and securing additional funding. We make it our business to connect companies to our network. In addition, our network allows us to see the most rewarding investment opportunities. We have very early visibility into what's coming next—knowledge that greatly informs the strategic work we do with our portfolio companies.
A High Bar
Much of EDF's success stems from our rigorous commitment to building companies the right way from the very start. Sometimes our chosen companies have an abundance of innovation underway but lack seasoned investors. We can help companies embrace institutional investor standards from the very beginning—whether that means the right business model, the best team, the smartest strategy or building a world-class investor syndicate. It doesn't stop there. We believe in taking an active role to maintain that quality standard throughout the company's development, all the way to profitability and, ultimately, to a positive liquidity event.

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