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September 9, 2008
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IntelePeer AppworX Platform Opens Carrier-grade Communications Infrastructure to Web and Software Apps via Intuitive Web Services and Widgets, Enhancing User Experience and Driving New Revenue Opportunities

FOSTER CITY, CA - (September 9, 2008) - IntelePeer Inc., a leader in hosted on-demand communications and rich media services, today announced a new technology platform that makes it easy for software vendors, service providers and Web companies with little or no telecommunications experience to add the interactive impact of voice, video, SMS, data and other rich-media communications capabilities to Web sites and enterprise software applications.

"Telecommunications services operate in a different realm from that of Web services and software, which makes it difficult to integrate voice and other rich media features into applications," said Jeff Ogle, senior analyst for Current Analysis. "For service providers, application software vendors and Web companies, this is the fundamental challenge they must overcome to be able to deliver enhanced services that generate new revenue opportunities."

Available now, the IntelePeer AppworX open communications platform provides a means to seamlessly deliver enhanced voice and multimedia features from within any Web or IP-based application to any phone or network-connected device. A communications-as-a-service (CaaS) offering, IntelePeer AppworX is ideal for increasing collaboration among business application users and creating an enhanced user experience for fans of social networking, e-commerce and entertainment Web sites.

For example, members utilizing the new Facebook web site can interact with the technology by selecting the IntelePeer VoicePoke! application. As another example, MIO.TV, an innovative, soon-to-be-released online social network for U.S. Latinos, has incorporated community telephony services like click-to-call, dating and celebrity conference calls into its rich media platform that runs in a standard Web browser with no downloads.

"Our research shows that even the most active text-messaging users opt for a great voice interface if given the chance," said Matt Johnston, COO of MIO.TV. "Thanks to the IntelePeer AppworX platform, we blur the lines between online and offline social media activity. By adding advanced voice and media blast features from the beginning, we enhance our members’ experiences and increase the velocity of sharing on our site."

Unlike low-cost consumer VoIP services, the IntelePeer AppworX solution combines the best of Web 2.0 and Voice 2.0 technologies with the company’s own carrier-grade telecommunications network for high-quality transmission of voice and related rich media services to users’ wireline or wireless device of choice. Worldwide reach is achieved through IntelePeer’s redundant network peering grid infrastructure and its direct connections with more than 60 service providers around the globe. This proven network manages more than 6 billion calls per year.

The IntelePeer AppworX platform includes pre-built applications, widgets, application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development tools. It also features a SuperRegistryTM with subscriber management and Telephone Number Mapping (Carrier ENUM) services in a runtime environment. This complete approach eliminates the need for hardware acquisition, network interoperability testing and extensive, costly customization on the part of the application developer.

IntelePeer provides all of the back-end operations for its customers, linking the best of IP-initiated calls and features with the traditional telecom network and managing carrier licensing, regulatory compliance, billing and reporting through a CaaS model. The Web site owner or corporate application provider can confidently offer new revenue-generating services such as click-to-call, call blast, conferencing, and find-me/follow-me functions and content delivery.

"Commoditization of traditional telephony services is forcing service providers and software vendors to compete with advanced voice, rich media and multimedia functionality that enhances the value and usefulness of their products and services," said Charles Studt, vice president, product management and marketing, for IntelePeer. "Our platform provides an easy and cost-effective means to quickly bring these features to existing and new Web or corporate applications. Our innovative packaging using a CaaS model provides developers with an environment based on a proven, high-quality telco infrastructure that increases customer satisfaction and creates new revenue streams."

The Advantages of Partnering with IntelePeer

Partnering with IntelePeer opens up a wide range of possibilities for software vendors and service providers. The following examples illustrate advantages for specific customer uses:

- Conferencing and webcasting service providers ’ By integrating IntelePeer rich media features, providers can deliver automatic conference scheduling through Outlook. When the scheduled conference begins, IntelePeer automatically dials each person into the conference ’ no need to remember complex dial-in instructions.

- Social networking sites ’ Using IntelePeer voice, rich media and multimedia features, members can click-to-talk with their friends, set up a call from a PC to a phone, or even directly between phones, based on each member’s preference.

- Media and entertainment sites ’ Owners of these sites can increase community enjoyment and interaction with artists and content by adding media-rich services and fan management features, including voiceblast and mediablast applications.

- Online shopping services ’ With IntelePeer click-to-talk functionality, customers can easily connect live with a customer service professional to ask questions and make informed purchases.

- Customer relationship management (CRM) software ’ Sales representatives and customer support professionals can click a link to automatically connect them via the phone to clients or prospects. The call can be recorded or transcribed and automatically entered into the system, eliminating late or incorrect entries.

- Enterprise applications ’ Employee productivity can be enhanced with the integration of voice and conferencing capabilities within mission-critical business applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP). Click-to-call and click-to-conference features enhance business processes and improve workflows.

For more information, contact IntelePeer sales at sales@intelepeer.com.

About IntelePeer
IntelePeer, http://www.intelepeer.com/, is a leader in hosted on-demand rich media services used by carriers, online businesses and software vendors to easily deliver voice and multimedia capabilities from within a web- or IP-based application to any phone or network-connected device. Our innovative, communications-as-a-service (CaaS) platform, IntelePeer AppworX, offers high-quality interactive voice, video, SMS, data and other rich-media features that can be embedded into webcasting, social networking, entertainment and e-commerce applications, providing a more enjoyable and productive web experience. Business professionals who use customer relationship management (CRM) software and common communications tools such as email also rely on us for instant access to click-to-call, voiceblast, videoblast, text-to-speech, conferencing and other features. Privately held and based in Foster City, Calif., we operate our own carrier-grade network, with worldwide coverage delivered through an IP and TDM peering grid with leading communications carriers.

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IntelePeer, IntelePeer AppworX and SuperRegistry are trademarks of IntelePeer, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners.


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