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April 10, 2008


Xtera Delivers WAN Load Balancing Solution for NHK to Assure Optimal Performance of HDTV Video Traffic

AscenLink Tunnel-Routing Solution Intelligently optimizes and accelerates bandwidth aggregation between NHK Fukushima Station and Branch Offices

Allen, TX (PRZOOM - Newswire) - (April 10, 2008) – Xtera Communications, provider of world class solutions enabling communications companies to profitably deliver high-bandwidth services and leader in network management devices, has announced that NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan’s sole public broadcaster, has turned to Xtera to ensure critical applications achieve and maintain optimal performance between its station and branch offices in Fukushima, Japan.

Established in 1925 as a radio service and a television service in 1953, within Japan, NHK is the nation’s only public broadcaster, has 47 independent stations serving each of Japan’s prefectures. Each station has additional branches offices within the prefecture and all the stations are connected to the NHK Headquarters based in Tokyo and Osaka. For certain programs, local branches use IP network to transmit video pictures to the regional station. However, this process was frequently hindered due to insufficient network bandwidth.

The organization was experiencing bandwidth and load balancing problems in their IP network. For example, branch offices needed connection speed up to 25mb/sec to transfer large files especially HDTV (MPEG2-TS) video, but the round trip from local branch office to headquarters could only perform between 12-15mb/sec, causing data lost and unacceptable delays. This network strain was having serious ramifications on NHK’s capabilities in broadcasting.

In order to solve the problem of WAN load balancing, NHK station in Fukushima turned to Xtera’s solution of using multiply WAN link to increase bandwidth. NHK learned from industry insiders that Xtera AscenLink’s uniquely patented Tunnel-Routing technology combined WAN fault tolerance and load balancing techniques provides the ultimate solution for NHK Fukushima station’s needs. Tunnel-routing improves data transmission by
breaking data down to packets for unmatched security, speed and stability.

With the consulting help from Hytec, Xtera's Japanese partner, NHK Fukushima deployed AscenLink in its main station as well as in each of its branch offices to ensure improved quality of service for WAN traffic. “The AscenLink recognizes our critical traffic and takes care of our transmission needs," says Mr. Suzuki, NHK’s Associate director of Engineering Department. “HDTV video is prioritized with tunnel-routing and travels across the network without delays; without tunnel-routing this would not be possible, and we would not be able to achieve the level of data transmission and security provided by AscenLink”. With Xtera AscenLink solution in place, NHK Fukushima benefited from improved reliability, efficiency and security as well as lowering costs.

About NHK
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan’s sole public broadcaster, is a dedicated leader in broadcasting technology. Established in 1925 as a radio service and a television service in 1953, NHK operates two terrestrial television services, three satellite services, and three radio networks. Internationally, NHK is a multinational global broadcaster offering three TV and radio services under the NHK WORLD umbrella. News is provided in 22 languages on the radio and over the internet. NHK has 54 stations across Japan and correspondents in 29 locations around the world.

About Xtera Communications
Xtera Communications provides network solutions enabling communications companies to profitably deliver high-bandwidth tailored services at the lowest sustainable cost per bit. Xtera delivers value by combining sound business practice with compelling advantages in capacity, reach, simplicity and service.

Xtera Communications
Julia Chien
P: +886 2 6617 0998
E: julia.chien[.]xtera-ip.com

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